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Ines Perez is an accomplished professional in the banking industry, known for her expertise as the Vice President of Mortgage Sales. With an impressive track record, she has demonstrated her skills in various areas such as customer service, federal law, credit, U.S. Federal Housing Authority (FHA), and loan origination. Ines possesses a strong background in business development and holds a notable NMLS# 994137 focused on Mortgage from the esteemed Florida Mortgage Broker School. Her journey in the field began after graduating from the same institution in 2012.

In her role as Vice President of Sales, Ines Perez has consistently excelled, drawing upon her extensive knowledge and experience to lead her team. Her proficiency in customer service allows her to build and maintain strong relationships with clients, ensuring their satisfaction and loyalty. Ines’s deep understanding of federal laws and regulations, particularly in relation to mortgages, enables her to navigate complex processes with ease. She is also well-versed in the intricacies of credit assessment and loan origination, facilitating smooth transactions for both borrowers and lenders. Ines Perez’s dedication to her profession and her drive for success have positioned her as a respected figure in the industry.

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